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White Water Doves

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We will custom-craft a memorable white dove release for your special event in Dubuque, IA or the surrounding Tri-state area.

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A white dove release-
dreams fly, spirits soar, memories forever more

releasing a dove

For centuries, a white dove release has symbolized many values we cherish: peace, love, partnership, devotion, fidelity, fertility, and hope for the future. A white dove release ceremony adds a beautiful touch of symbolism to your wedding, memorial service, or special event.


The color of our snow-white doves, the clapping and whirling sounds of their release flight, and the sight of a white flock circling overhead are impressive. A white dove release creates an experience and memories you and your guests will cherish.


releasing a dove

White Water Doves  will supply and decorate all baskets, cages, and tables necessary for your release. We will craft the release to maximize photo opportunities and create wonderful memories for all who witness the release.

Responsible White Dove Releases

Our release birds are a domesticated strain of white homing pigeon trained throughout our service area. Upon release, they will return to their loft in Epworth, Iowa, where they are well-tended. Other people may offer to sell you white birds for release but white ring-neck doves cannot survive in the wild, and purchased white pigeons without training may not survive long (typically less than 1 year) in the wild.

Send a White Dove Release:

two girls two doves

A white dove release can be given as a gift or in lieu of sending flowers to any event in Dubuque or the surrounding Tri-state area: weddings, funerals, grand openings, veterans events, baby showers, birthdays, graduations, First Communion, baptisms, memorials, proposals and, of course, Valentine's Day.